Maibock­anstich (opening of the keg in May) at AB InBev

Fifteen years ago was the last time for this celebration of the Maibockanstich at the brewery Beck & Co. On 14th April 2016 this event was once again initiated by AB InBev. Younger, more modern, more colorful – but still from Bremen.

“ECHT BREMISCH” (TRUE BREMER) was the motto for this year’s Maibockanstich. This was the deliberate positioning by AB InBev for the event to emphasize the regional brand not only as a global player, but as a company with its roots in Bremen and which is regionally engaged.

With 100 hand-picked guests from Bremen’s business and political scene, this social event is intended to become a new and integral part of the good life in Bremen and become integrated as one of Bremen’s traditional events.

For the new interpretation of Maibockanstich belongs the first so-called panel show with the title “Bremen angesprochen” (“Bremen in discussion”). In the brewery was an illustrious talk round of prominent Bremen connoisseurs (Lilo Wanders, Gayle Tufts, Wolfgang Trepper and Prof. Rudolf Hickel) speaking with humor and reacting quickly about the city’s social and political topics.

The first Maibock keg was opened by Lilo Wanders, together with Martin Holzhüter of AB InBev. “We love Bremen and want to continue to strengthen this location. The Haake-Beck Maibock Anstich is a very clear signal to the city and the brand,“ declared Martin Holzhüter, Sales Director On-Trade.


Contact: Natascha Dyck