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JOKE for Wolkenschieber

Once again it was an evening full of surprises, humorous, contemplative and above all magical moments. At the fourth Wolkenschieber (Cloud Pushers) Gala, held every two years since 2007, € 245.258,29 was collected for a good cause. With this result, already a total of over € 750.000,00 has been distributed since inception to 22 regional organizations of the Bremen area. The Wolkenschieber (Cloud Pusher) Team was once again supported by numerous celebrities such as Sabine Postel, Thomas Schaaf, Ina Müller, Oliver Mommsen, Dieter Eilts, Johann Lafer, Peter Gagelmann, Winfried Hammelmann, Roberto Albanese, Klaus Baumgart, Hans Klok, Janette Rauch, Julia Bremermann, Julia Neigel, Manni Breuckmann, Nina Vorbrodt, Ralf Zacherl, Yared Dibaba, Claudia Rieschel, to mention a few.

Contact: Natascha Dyck